Love Is...

author/source: Jah Crystal


Love is...and you give it so many different meanings. You must learn to see love as it truly is and actually exist. Love is a spiritual entity embodied within your soul. And from your soul you express all that love is in all you do in all you say and with every move you make. Your cells within your body should speak love.


The crystallization of water from the vibrations of love is beauty to behold. Now allow that same vibration to be one with you. Be love and see your cells elevate heal and regenerate a beauty so profound you will have to take a second glance in the mirror to see your reflection is truth!


You must learn to speak of yourself as cells and not elves (even if this is of your DNA). You are a multitude of cells united operating in unity and harmony. Your harmony brings you peace and complete wellness. Loving your cells is sacred and spiritual. No materialistic additives are needed. Just the very breath of life within you is needed to move this vibration through your body speaking Love Energy to the water in your blood.


Honor your cells. Respect your cells. Love your cells.


This is Pure Beauty! It can be seen in your skin cells and beyond into every organ in your body. It can be seen in your choices of life and movements. It can be seen in all you do and become.


“Though I speak the words of the Angeles and of Men, without Love I’m just a sounding brass empty and without substance.” 1 Corithinans 13:1

Gratitude is Love,

Jah Crystal


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