7 sacred New Year's Principles for Beauty

7 sacred New Year's Principles for Beauty
The esoteric 7 principles of Kwanzaa are indigenous to the life of primordial terra soul beings. Traditionally taught and evoked during the winter solstice the seven principles were used to promote communal healing of the nations. Similar to the “7 branch Lampstand” the vibrations covers everyone. Now you shall learn how these principles reflect your personal healing and elevation within the community.
I'm encouraging you to evoke the energy of these esoteric principles into your life daily to elevate and bring forth healing within your body for pure beauty and wellness.
  1. Umoja: come together as 1 like the unity of your cells and your heart circle. Your body naturally removes threats. This should be reflected within your life, your home, your community of unity.
  2. Kujichagulia: self-inspiration of your being. This is erroneously written as self-determination. The root being deter which means to discourage brings a negative vibration into creating “blockage”. You must inspire your cells and your being daily to uplift you and your entire community.
  3. Ujima: Collective work and responsibility. Your cells work collectively to function at your highest level. When your cells have a problem they communicate with each other, remove the threat, and begin healing. This same principle should work with your heart circle and community. Never take on another beings problem, instead GUIDE THEM to healing. Your cells never mask an issue or take on another cell’s infection, they heal them. “Heal Your Cells, Heart Circle, and Community!”
  4. Ujaama: Cooperative Financial Currency throughout your heart circle. It is erroneous to use economics as it focuses on the economy. Economy vibrates as cheap and scarce. Currency is proper as it focuses on flow. Your cells cooperate with one another to create a positive flow of electrical currents in the body using both polarities. You are an eternal everlasting rechargeable battery when fed properly and move in love to the upliftment of your being and of your community. You can create a blessed flow of financial currency throughout your heart circle with this energy! Think of a circle and not a wave. Currents are truly circles wide and vast without end returning to the source: The universal law of vibration.
  5. Nia: Purpose. Each of your cells possess a purpose and collectively operate for your greatest being. This is how you should be within your heart circle. It is erroneous to think everyone shall walk on the same road and have the same journey or vocation for community greatness. You must link to your source and evoke your purpose to collectively bring greatness to your community as a complete circle.
  6. Kuumba: Creativity. Create. Our cells create new cells daily. You must focus on your cells creating healthy complete cells daily. This is called regeneration. It is erroneous to think you can create something to leave behind that is better than before. This type of creation is like an atomic bomb. You are splitting atoms and removing the source. In your bodies this type of destruction is called cancer, mutation, or autoimmune disease. Imagine now how this is affecting your communities. No need to imagine but only open your eyes and see the environment you are in or escaping from. The original pattern of your DNA is perfect! You must be true to your source to create or enhance the original. You must each link to your source and you must understand who you are to create and build a great community. Focus on you creating your cells into greatness as you are existing from the beginning to empower a greater community!
  7. Imani: Faith. “Faith: is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” Said Paul the Canaanite to the Hebrews of the Christian Bible. Do you have self-faith? Can you see clearly who is for you or against you? Can you see your cells and your being to what you are made of? How can you have faith in others and lack faith in the one being you see a reflection of daily in the mirror? you must have faith first and foremost in your own being. This is erroneously called confidence. Confidence is defined as going against the trust (see etymology of word); the root being fidere paired with con. The correct term is self-faith or self-trust. Your existence here is a journey, not a struggle. When struggle is present, lies are present. You struggle to face the truth. Now is the time for you to erect your eternal cells within your bodies and have FAITH in your cells, your beings, in your community, in your victory to unite and see you as your own salvation!
Ten days after the winter solstice begins a preparation of quiet small celebrations held to promote healing with handmade gifts of healing herbs, tonics, food. Starting on the 11th day and on the exchanges are made. This is the true Christmas: healing. Ancestral altars are created in each home. Respect to all mamas is given.
This January 1, remember this reading. Celebrate with healing, empowering your beauty. Make New Year intentions after the 1st (or your healing). Your celebration of living should be eternal as you are.
Be Beautiful,
Jah Crystal, Your Herbal Skin Fairy
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