Heal My Skin-- 90 Day Challenge

My skin used to literally get in the way of how I was feeling...it turns out my feelings were getting in the way of my beautiful skin.

My mission since this mind blowing revelation was to liberate those emotions to heal my chronic skin ailments of acne and eczema (Yes double whammy!) and allow my natural beauty to simply glow! No makeup needed.

I'd like to teach you how to "Heal Your Skin and Heal Your Life" for less than the cost of dermatological exams or top of the line med spa treatments. Yes, save your money!

You'll learn from the "5 Energies of Skin©", a system I've created to help you navigate through the changes of your beauty, and your life!

Subscribe to the 90 Day Challenge membership for a special intro rate and you'll receive:

  1. Custom Herbal Skincare each month of your membership
  2. Full access 24/7 classes
  3. Personal session with Jah Crystal for skin energy analysis and herbal wellness chart
  4. Live Webinars every Sunday with replay access
  5. Free private app for support
  6. Free ebooks published every season
  7. Free monthly digital magazine SHEN: Sacred Herbal Esthetics News

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